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The best Long Island reptile birthday party is also available in most buroughs of New York and provides fun, reptile parties for children of all ages, including reptile shows for schools, libraries and camps. Treat your children to the best party in New York.. an extended petting zoo.

Long Island. Zoos. 5351 111th St, Corona. “Great petting zoo. Small zoo. There weren't too many. “We don't have much experience with the children's parties as this was our son's first birthday party & this was an incredible experience!!

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Petting Zoo Parties NY, NYC, NJ, CT, Long Island our Barnyard Petting Zoo consists of ducks, chickens, rabbits, sheep, goats. The animals in the petting zoo are set up in a pen & kids can pet, hold for photos. Or try out our Exotic Pet Show consists of soft furry animals & reptiles like turtles, snakes, frogs & lizards

Petting Zoos in Long Island, NY Taking your kids to the zoo is always a fun excursion, but how great would it be to bring the zoo to you? Petting zoos offer an interactive and personalized experience that can entertain party guests right in your own backyard!

Long Island, New York. We have a one-of-a-kind animal farm and petting zoo along with two.. the animals hand washing young kids birthday party animal farm pies farm stand bring the kids great place for kids small farm love coming here.

Where to see animals on long island. updated. Animal Farm Petting Zoo and Family Park. INFO: 296. Group and birthday parties. Hours:.

ponytales pony parties and petting zoo – Pony Tales Pony Parties and Petting Zoo is a warm, family centered, businee specializing in birthday parties, street fairs, and fall festivals. Let us share our family raised petting zoo.

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Cameron Boyce from Disney’s Gamer’s Guide’ talks to Long Island kids – Do you ever wish you weren’t famous? Do you wish that you were a normal kid? At times let’s say your little cousin has a birthday party at Chuck e Cheese, you wish that people just wouldn’t know you.

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