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Emcees Near You. Tired of trying to scream over the crowd to move along the party onto the next portion? An emcee is the answer for you. They know how to keep the attention and crack up a crowd of any size.

coco emcee Coco also known as "Koko," "Coco – lebendiger als das Leben," "Coco i velika tajna," "Coco: ," "Viva: A Vida uma Festa," "," , People will say it’s about mexican cultural traditions. Well, the reality, is that the Day of the Dead is a bankrupt tradition.

The Best Emcee’s of ALL time (top 15). author: MX1. all these emcee’s came hard with their own unique styles. this is what hip hop is all about.

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3 Public Enemy Public Enemy is an American hip hop group consisting of Chuck D, Flavor Flav, Professor Griff, Khari Wynn, DJ Lord, and the S1W group.. PUBLIC ENEMY #1 STILL the BEST. Even though groups like NWA, Bone Thugs and Wu Tang were great, PE deserves to be number 1. public enemy was one of those groups that changed the face of hip-hop and gave it a distinct political message.

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Top Emcees We getting analytical through the 100 hottest spitter’s world wide and why. Cause I’m going to be listening to RAKIM well into my nine-nine’s. Wednesday, April 22, 2009. Old School Joints. The history of the emcee is clear in these early "disco" and battle tapes. The earliest tape.

Emcees that ask the wrong questions. they don’t understand, they are expendable. The role of the emcee starts when the contract is signed not when the person steps on stage. As top personal development coach, Anthony Robbins puts it, ‘Successful people ask better questions”.

Emcee Wreckshop brings together rappers from all over the city.. In 2009, his single "Luxury"was featured on MTV, MtvU's top 5 freshman and VH1 respectively.

In the late 1970s, the term emcee, MC or M.C., became an alternative title for a rapper and for their role within hip hop music and culture. However, initially M.C.s (Masters of Ceremony) were those who introduced the DJs to the crowd and explained what was taking place during the event. Often these events were parties at locations including clubs or outdoor public spaces.