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7 PLACES WHERE YOU CAN EXPERIENCE VIRTUAL REALITY IN NEW YORK. The one in New York City is located at 2322 Broadway (Broadway at 85 th ). PlayStation VR demos will be available at east 86 th store (128 east 86 th street) Fridays from 5-9pm and weekends 11am-5m..

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A new frontier of experience awaits in New York City. It’s called VR World, and it’s the largest virtual reality entertainment center in the Western Hemisphere. Combining the possibilities of.

Experience the VOID, the most immersive virtual reality experience, at The Oculus in New York City. See, smell, touch & experience the impossible! Experiences Locations Events The VOID Story Join our Team

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Virtual reality arrived at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City earlier this summer when PeriscapeVR. Around 750 people visit the Periscape VR Experience Center each day. “I.

Virtual Reality Cinema and PlayLab – 360 Video, Oculus Gear VR, HTC Vive, Leap Motion and the Ultimate 3D Selfie Scanning.. ENTER A NEW DIMENSION OF VIRTUAL REALITY WITH OUR VR TREADMILLS. virtual reality arcade games.. experience the real-life excitement of a fast paced career without the.

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Overview Buy your tickets ahead of time for the Virtual Reality Experience in Midtown Manhattan. Choose from more than 50 virtual reality experiences, including simulations, multi-player games, and 360-degree art movies. Participate in a music video, play with your favorite artists, fight a pro-boxer and more.

Virtual reality is taking over NYC – New York Post. trending now. a number of dedicated new venues around the city allow you to experience a more immersive VR for the price of a movie ticket.. the city’s first virtual-reality.

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Top 10+ AR/VR Companies in New York City | November 2019. – Looking to hire an AR/VR Developer in New York? Businesses look to augmented and virtual reality to attract users with a more enhanced and enriched visual experience. Below is a list of the best AR/VR developers in NYC that can help your company accomplish its goals and more. Browse the customer feedback and notable projects from these superior developers that can take your company to the next.